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    I mean, maybe they would have had it come to that, but based on what I heard–Things like “it’s against the Bible to date outside your race” or “My father would not like it if I had a black boyfriend” their parents weren’t so keen on the idea. I wasn’t ashamed of being me, being black and who I am, but I worried about a possible supremacy attitude I sometimes saw and heard growing up in Georgia. His mom wasn’t home during all of this, and I was actually most nervous about meeting her. I did too and I know all to well that everyone isn’t so friendly, especially when it comes to racial issues.

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    No female millionaire matchmaker understands the needs of discerning male professionals that want to date at an extremely attractive level yet not abandon intelligence, be a bit younger than him, and interested in a committed — not superficial- relationship.

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    These are some of their suggestions: This means both parents must understand their children are a trust from Allah, and He will ask how they were raised.

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