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As the game progresses, Walker's mental health deteriorates, as he begins to experience hallucinations and slowly realizes the horror of war.

Players can hide behind cover, vault over obstacles, and shoot enemies while utilizing a variety of gadgets.

Included with the game is an online multiplayer mode, developed separately by Darkside Game Studios, allowing players to engage in both cooperative and competitive gameplay.This might sound a bit like hocus-pocus pseudoscience, but the underlying science is actually surprisingly sound.We are, after all, just talking about wireless power transfer — just like the smartphones that are starting to ship with wireless charging tech, and the accompanying charging pads.We suppose that once you pay that massive fine, plus the cost of the towing then you'll never dare to park on the tracks again, but can't we get a little warning first?


Check out a video below of the Q-Line emerging from its fortress and taking its first ride down Woodward, too.

Note: This post was received via the Cop Block submissions page and was originally published at the website of Southeast Alabama Cop Block.


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