Epiphone dot electric guitar dating


Based on reader comments, this has been changed] Interestingly, both guitars are manufactured using laminate wood and a solid, mahogany center block.

Thankfully, the quality manufacture of the Epiphone Dot Archtop compensates for laminate wood in this case because the guitar still sounds excellent.

The Gibson ES-335 was first introduced in 1958 as the world’s first semi-hollow body electric and quickly because a popular guitar for those playing rock and roll. Just as I shared in the Epiphone Les Paul review, Epiphone has taken the Gibson model and created a more affordable (but still good quality) electric guitar.


Featuring an ES-style body with Alnico Classic PRO humbucker pickups, the new ES-335 PRO semi-hollowbody from Epiphone turns back the clock while breaking new ground in sound and style.

A body that can be paradoxically described as both slim and jumbo is accented by two humbucking pickups and vintage top hat controls.



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