Ending of naruto dating sim

I had stopped reading it for almost two years and wanted to remember why I still liked the series to get momentum and go all the way. It is easy to empathise with the protagonist because he is a flawed kid, but we can understand his flaws going through his sad start.

And the best of it is that he is not a boy who lets himself down.

It was huge, it was the new Dragon Ball, it was going to be the greatest example to be copied by every single Shonen Manga to come in the decades to follow it.

Actually, it’s been over a month, I just didn’t have the time to read it until now. Well, In the early 2000s, if you were an otaku, you could not escape this manga.

But in it’s early arcs, Naruto was actually a great Shonen.

I would say one of the best examples of a shonen manga ever. The manga tells the tale of Uzumaki Naruto, a boy who dreams about becoming the greatest ninja of his village. He is hated by almost everyone in the country and the first chapter shows us that he is an orphan, who tries really hard to get people to notice him.

You have a chance to have sex with whatever guy you made a good relationship(Sasuke, Naruto, or Rock Lee) if you didn't make a good relationship with any of them, then you get to have to settle for Shikamaru.


What makes this protagonist so good is the fact that he gets so much character development.

Ehh, this is for all you Naruto fangirls out there. )Anyways, I was experimenting with dating sims and decided to do this.

I'm not a cp genius, so really the only advice I can give is maybe to update your flash player? Sorry, hope this helps I'm just planning out where I want it to go, but it may take a little while : L It takes many, many frames....

In the end, though, should we still keep any good memory of the “Blond ninja in an orange jumpsuit”? There is so much hate for this story that talking good stuff about it feels like a dangerous place to be.


I mean, the series still has a lot of fans, but in the past few years, Naruto was about to become the Twilight of the manga world, if Bleach didn’t get there first, and to be honest, looking the manga as whole, it has a lot of bad for what good it kept to the end.Author's Notes: Today is April 10, 2014, and it seems fitting to release this (along with another), to release this story on this day, and I'm sure you know why.



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