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season 2 has debuted a first trailer almost four years after the first instalment bowed.

My wife, the fashion designer Bella Freud, has done shows with her and is a friend; I worked with Keith Richards on his memoir, and Moss is more or less a member of his family. Of all the supermodels of the 1990s, Moss has emerged at the top of the heap, certainly in terms of cultural importance.“I learned from Jon [Hamm] on ‘Mad Men’ that you do have a responsibility as number one to not only be professional, but to be as positive as you can,” Moss says.Hence the treats for the crew, most of whom had also worked all day Sunday.A tough assignment, given that she doesn’t give interviews.

At least she hardly ever has, and certainly not about her personal life. Indeed, Kate Moss’s silence about herself is an integral part of the elusive gift that has made her one of fashion’s greatest influences.



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