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"No one here believes I'm a top," I thought to myself while taking the first sip of my second overpriced beer. " he yelled, throwing them to one side of the proverbial gymnasium. I was surprised to see that of the 30-ish men there, only three (including me) were dressed up.

I was less than halfway through a night of gay speed dating for "bottoms" and "tops" and had already been asked three times if I was in the right group. You're gayer than Judy Garland's Christmas ornaments. " I eventually "lost" my name tag at some point in the night. Far too many of the men, who were essentially about to go on at least 15 first dates, were wearing T-shirts and tank tops.

The event, which was held in the confines of a cavernous bar downtown, had a surprisingly large turnout. " I looked at my name tag, which was peeling off already, as if it knew that the "T" written on it was all some horrible lie. That, and never buy knives from that dude from high school.

I happened to be one of the first guys to register with the organizer, and I took the opportunity to grab a beer and watch the men herd into line to register like cattle to the slaughter. " the organizer asked one man, who responded with a nervous chuckle. To be blunt, most of the men on either side (including me) were average-looking -- sometimes aggressively so.

After their second drink, Henry said, “there is a cool lesbian in my office.” Anna’s eyes rolled involuntarily. “She just casually mentioned her girlfriend at lunch.”While mildly offended, Anna was also happy for an anecdote that succinctly encapsulated her issue with the coming out narrative: the unfair onus it puts on queer people.


There are some people that are just super smart and then there are some people that are just too smart. He was just doing it to f**k with me…with tongue and everything." Hilton added, "I once had the most fascinating conversation with John Mayer, who loves gay porn."I mean, I don't blame them, but it's not like I had a choice," I continued thinking to myself while mindlessly nodding along to what my fifth date was saying. Once everyone had registered, our organizer separated us into our respective groups. Whereas I tried to look as though I had just gotten off my fancy job as a writer, a majority of the men looked as though they had just left their shift at Aeropostale. Why were they dressed like that dude from high school who always tries to sell you knives when you run into him every trip back home?"The online 'bottoms' sign-up sheet was all filled up! If I wanted to sail with the boys on this gay Noah's ark, I had to maybe fib to myself a little." And look where that got me. If you learn anything from me at all, it's that you should always dress how you want to feel, not how you actually Catie Disabato and anna dorn Over the summer, we — Anna and Catie — attended a birthday party at the rooftop bar at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. To leave no space for any kind of misunderstanding, Catie said, “We met on Tinder.” David paused, trying to reconcile this bit of information, and came to the following conclusion: “It’s so great that you can make such good friends on Tinder! “We met on Tinder for dating.”A few weeks later, Anna invited her friend Lauren to get brunch with, as she phrased it, “my girlfriend and some of her friends.” Anna thought by using the word “girlfriend” she had adequately defined the relationship for Lauren, but during the course of the brunch conversation, Lauren asked (twice! ”Sometimes it’s actually super funny to watch acquaintances squirming to apologize after assuming we’re sisters, or to watch Mystery Method rejects stammer, searching for a cool-sounding answer to “we’re actually on a date with each other right now.” We walk away from these encounters in a position of power, which gives us swagger, and the ability to laugh at our would-be oppressors for their idiotic insistence on ignoring what should be obvious.


David, a bearded straight guy, started talking to Catie, learning in close to listen and reaching out to touch her arm when he spoke; casual, obvious flirting. Sometimes, though, these encounters make us feel like an out of sync You Tube video, an image of a person’s mouth moving and the audio appearing seconds too late.He even name checked his favorite gay pornstar to me and I was like 'Whoa, he's dropping names.' And then I heard from people close to multiple women that he used to date that he loved watching gay porn while having sex with them. " We're not sure what it says about Mayer, but it does say a lot about Hilton that he's still harping on this a decade later.


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