Dave batista dating 2016

I don’t know that any of them have the background or expertise to form a union. Returning to Bautista’s point, the rank and file are certainly expendable, and there are any number of able bodies in NXT and the rest of the world chomping at the bit to take their place.Then you start getting into the dues, and who among your peers is going to be in charge of things. Some of the guys from the 80’s weren’t prepared for the money they were gonna earn, and spent it like it was never gonna go away. There are about 10 or so stars that can WWE could afford to lose on a one-by-one basis, but would crumble if they all showed solidarity.In fact, the ex-WWE superstar even bragged about it on Twitter -- "So proud of my baby @Sarah Jade Pole for kicking ass at #Miss Pole Dance America." "That's right Twitches!! Sorry ladies, ex-WWE superstar Dave Bautista -- aka Drax from "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- is officially off the market ...At the time, Bautista tweeted that O’Neil should leave WWE.


The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star was in Nashville this weekend as his wife, Sarah Jade, dominated the pole.A picture of her kissing happily married Chris Jericho had gone viral on the internet a few years back.Kelly is currently engaged to NHL player Sheldon Souray and hasn’t wrestled for nearly four years.As she is a aggressive pole dancer so we are going to correctly assume that their honeymoon will for constructive come out to be lots steamy.


This couple had moreover shared their marriage ceremony ceremony footage on their social media accounts.

When Bautista returned to WWE in 2014, he won the 2014 Royal Rumble match, after which he headlined Wrestle Mania XXX.



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