Dating violence bystander intervention

Prevent Connect also blogged about this campaign and related research. The MVP Program motivates men and women to work together in preventing men’s violence against women.


Using a pre-programmed list of six close contacts and an icon system to call for help, assistance, or advice, this app offers a discreet way to reach out for bystander assistance. The Green Dot campaign is based on the idea that peer influence often predicts behavior. Know Your Power (webpage) by Prevention Innovations at the University of New Hampshire.Reassure the mistreated partner that he or she is undeserving of these actions and inform the violent partner that this behavior is unacceptable and dangerous.If you don’t feel comfortable calling out the violent partner, you can still disrupt the situation by asking to borrow notes for class or striking up a conversation about anything. Stand away, but let the couple see that you are watching them. You can still give support without physically intervening. Dating violence is a scary and isolating experience.In instances of harmful or violent words, actions, or behaviors, each person has a choice to ignore or accept (a red dot) or intervene to address it (a green dot). The Know Your Power campaign is the social marketing component of Bringing in the Bystander.

Information about the campaign, resources, checklist for engaged bystander actions and a store are available on the website.If you witness someone else going through dating violence and don’t know what to do, try to imagine how you would want someone to help you.


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