Dating stepdaughter

An undocumented immigrant from Mexico who got his 15-year-old stepdaughter pregnant twice shot her dead after he convinced her mom to step out and then broke into her home, it has emerged.

Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires, 36, slew Jennifer Delgado in San Antonio, Texas, on March 6, according to a police report.

At that point, her mom told police, her daughter admitted that both her one-year-old son, which she had when she was 14, and the baby she was nine months pregnant with were both Garcia-Ramires's.

He had begun the process of being granted legal status in the US the previous year, the Washington Times reported.


Mendoza and Torres were shot while sitting in a red pickup truck in front of the house on Lawrence Street where Mendoza lived with her husband, Torres’ father, according to police and relatives. Police released no further details Wednesday, but homicide detectives remained at the scene for at least 12 hours after the slayings attempting to retrieve surveillance footage from several houses on the block, including Mendoza’s.It drowned out the whimpers of the girl quietly crying to herself in a folding chair.


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