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With his introduction of each artist, all of whom recorded significant works at the studio, Grohl made evident his personal connection to the music.

Fear was the band he heard in Chicago when he was 12 that made him want to be a musician; Cheap Trick's "Surrender" was the soundtrack to his drunken summer as a 16 year old in Delaware; Rage Against the Machine was the debut album that sounded like absolutely nothing he had ever heard before.

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I wanted to think that Dave was going through all this to revive Sound City, to show people why they should record there.

Every time Mervin comes over here, which about once a year, he always tries to "snap up a bargain or two" in the form of a valve amplifier to take back to Australia as: (a) part of his collection, and (b) as a possible contribution towards his pension at a later date! This year he took back with him a 50 watt tube amp called Wilsic!


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