Dating marks spode christmas tree china

We're Europe's largest retailer of discontinued china with over 300,000 items in stock.

If we don't have it, we'll do everything in our power to find it.

Copeland and Garrett period Pattern Numbers 6057, 60, c.1834 shown in the Pattern Book on a Covered Jar, Plate and Tile.

Spode is a Stoke-on-Trent based pottery company that was founded by Josiah Spode (1733–1797) in 1770.

Read our Buyer's Guide for condition details and buying tips.

All of our items are previously owned - please read our Buyer's Guide for information on item conditions and sizes.

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W & B W & E Corn W & Sons (See HM Williamson) W B & Son (See Brownfield) W B P Co (See William Brunt) W Bach W C Bunting Co W C Co W H G (See W H Goss) W H Goss W L & Co W S & Co (See William Smith & Co) W Smith & Co W Wood & Co W.


Wonder WAA&Co (See Adderley) Waccamaw Wacol (See Wedgwood) Wade (England) Wade (Ireland) Waechtersbach Wagner & Apel Wagstaff & Brunt Wako Walbrzych Wald Waldenburg St (See Black Knight) Waldershof Waldman House Waldorf Waldsassen Wales (Japan) Walk One Walker Walker & Carter Walkure Bayreuth Wallace & Chetwynd Wallace (American) Wallace Heritage (Japan) Wallace Porcelain Wallendorf Porcelain Wallis Gimson Walt Disney Walt Disney Classics Walt Disney Productions Walter (See Ebeling & Reuss (ERP)) Walton, John H Wang's Ward Wardle Art Pottery (See Royal Cauldon) Warham, Christopher D Warner Bros.

If you have china you would like to sell to us, you can send a list of items to our Purchasing Team, who will assess whether any of our customers are looking for the items you have offered. We can only collect items from the UK Mainland, and will only accept items that meet our quality guidelines - please read our Selling Guide for more information.


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