Dating hawaiian islands

The curiously blissful afterglow of shock and shame you get when you wake up next to your cousin after a night of drinking moonshine.Yes, we love West Virginia just as much as the next snarky magazine editors, but for some reason a lot of folks prefer Hawaii.Both natural and artificial TL were filtered to the bandwidth 3,500 A to 5,000 A to restrict the light detected to that from the plagioclase emission peak centered at about 4,500 A and associated with structural defects. Part or all of this report is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF).


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The natural radiogenic dose rates for the alkalic basalts calculated on the basis of assumed secular equilibrium range from 0.228 to 0.462 rad per year and average 0.335 rad per year exclusive of the cosmic-ray energy dose and with the alpha-particle component equal to one-tenth of the total alpha decay energy. The high-temperature artificial TL peak occurs at a lower temperature than the corresponding natural TL peak owing to the presence of a large number of electrons retained in traps near the lower end of the trap-depth energy range in samples whose TL is measured a short time after intense artificial irradiation.

The TL measurements were made using material of a 37 to 44-micrometer size range; the crushing required during sample preparation was found to have a negligible effect on natural TL. These traps remain essentially empty in the natural environment owing to spontaneous decay and do not produce measurable low-temperature natural TL peaks. C artificial TL peak migrates to higher temperatures and decreases in amplitude.

The basic TL properties of the plagioclase from the two rock types are similar, however, and TL dating of tholeiitic basalts should eventually be feasible over the age range 10,000 to at least 200,000 years B. The average composition of the plagioclase separates from the alkalic basalts ranges from oligoclase to andesine; compositional variations within this range have no apparent effect on the TL ratios.

The average composition of the plagioclase from the tholeiitic basalts is labradorite. C artificial TL peaks, both produced by the same general activation energy distribution of trapping centers, were used for TL dating.

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