Dating bally personal trainer


Get ready for some major Mac geekiness going on from this Catholic Mom .

Yesterday, I had my first meeting with my new "Personal Trainer".

It's a known fact that it's never too early—or too late—to kickstart your fitness regimen.

Maybe you're getting in shape to meet that special someone, or you're being booted into the gym by your, uh, better half—or perhaps you just want to feel more energized.

Rein tells me they cannot give out numbers of people in charge for security reasons.

Frustrated, I come back home and blogging about it, maybe I will get attention of some executives at Bally Fitness who care about brand image of their company.

I'd consulted all of my usual sources (dummies books, yahoo help, etc) to no avail.



His clients have included athletes, doctors, physical therapists, and other trainers.

(Yes, I would like my money back in my credit card, I worked hard for that, and I don’t want to work with another personal trainer at Bally period.) At this point, I don’t care about getting my money back but the pain is that this whole process took about 2 and a half months without anyone really calling me back, they are just putting my money in their pockets.


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