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Nowhere else does the splendor of Moorish civilization shine so beautifully.

While Europe slumbered through the Dark Ages, Moorish magnificence blossomed — ornate stucco, plaster “stalactites,” colors galore, scalloped windows framing Granada views, exuberant gardens, and water, water everywhere.

Andalucía's Moorish heritage sparkles in the historic capitals of Granada and Córdoba.

And the pride of the Reconquista and the power of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand enliven the region's great sights.

The self-catering apartments of Pueblo Evita are minutes from Benalmadena.

Then a walk around the Jewish Quarter, with its fresh narrow streets and Andalusia “patios”, where we will find one of the few perfectly preserved Synagogues in Spain.Almost 3,000 Britons move abroad each week, with around five million now living outside the UK.


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