Dating a reed organ

They are often described as dating from the 40’s, which is a little hard to believe, as they have more of a 60’s feel to them.

They’re also known as Chord Organs, Fan Organs, and probably other less complimentary names too. There is what you might call the Mk1 Chord Version, which is what we use, and has a panel to the left of the keyboard allowing basic chords and bass notes to be played with one or two fingers, or there’s the Mk1 Standard, which lacks the chord buttons, but has a longer, octave keyboard instead of just octave.

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The Lee Conklin Antique Reed Organ Museum proudly displays about 95 fully restored and working antique reed organs.

By the early nineteenth century, the American builders were refining it, so by the end of that century, we have most all the workings of a modern piano, completing today’s version of the instrument.


Many local events occur on the adjacent Heritage Park, including Fourth of July Tractor Pulls and the Annual Hanover-Horton Rust N Dust Days.Visitors to the museum are often treated to the beautiful sounds of these antique instruments.


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