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30 people Log in 15 Men and 15 women Each of the 15 men, and the 15 women get 3 minutes talking live with all of the 15 people. We are more particular with the process – like research you have done regarding the project, the conce... We are interested in this data from dating websites (for example OKCupid, [url removed, login to view] or others). We need this data per profile: - image URL (might be several per profile, we only need profiles with images) - profile URL - name (I.e. Albany, NY, United States) We need the data in a C... I'm looking for a writer who can deliver SEO optimized content for a dating site.

After each 3 minute chat, there is a 1m Break the screen goes blank Buttons appear 4 buttons appear. We need Voice over Artist to record IVR audio clips. We need dating app like tinder but with more options. And most important thing is that user choose from given interests and from these interests you can only match other person. This will be an ongoing project and would go on for about 2-3 months.

For more information about our partnership with Skype, read the Voxeo and Skype Partnership press release.

You can now use the Skype client to call applications on the Voxeo Evolution Hosted IVR platform.

We are one of the fastest growing mobile VAS, enterprise and E-commerce solutions provider with our innovative, cutting-edge technology solutions and quality of services.

Providing the operators state of the art mobile and technology solutions to make their businesses more efficient.

You can even use ready made bootstrap, larav...project must be bid by companies who can provide license, sign NDA, and other legal documents.

When your application is finished and you're ready to support customer traffic you can turn to Voxeo to provide reliable production-hosting for your new Skype applications.I want to do away with that and simply play the greeting of every woman (Staff) available for a caller to speak with at that moment.The caller will make his choice, and we would then process the credit card charge and conference the two lines together and start a timer.Voxeo's production hosting plans work like cellular plans.

You can either sign up for a contract with a monthly price and bundled minutes, or purchase minutes on a pre-paid basis. In order to begin developing apps Skype users can access, free or fee based, follow the simple steps below.The Daotec numbering service uses our own switches to forward calls to anywhere in the world using either PSTN or Vo IP via SIP.


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