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None of this fazed Ishita Katyal, a 10-year-old Pune writer and middle-schooler who, quite extraordinarily, debuted as the opening speaker at the TED2016 (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a nerdy conference of some of the world's smartest people.

Alpha-geeks from Google and Tesla, Apple and Uber, not to speak of marquee names such as Al Gore and Bill Gates are attending the annual brainiacs gig, but it was the singsong voice of this pre-teen, with her pink-frame spectacles and burgundy velvet gown, that held centerstage on Monday when the conference opened.

moderately intelligent women are best, not braniacs or on the other side of the scale, the bimbos. From lifes experience with the world in general, there alot of stupid people.

Common sense is a rarety so i guess there are one heck of alot of unsatisfied men out there..dears.

Lawrence Chernin created the site in October of 2008 because he was he wanted a place for intelligent singles to be able to feel comfortable to meet online and not to be just another singles photo gallery or a personality matchmaker.

Instead the site's members are required to fill out a more detailed profile that describes intelligent thoughts and ideas.

10-year-old Pune writer and middle-schooler Ishita Katyal quite extraordinarily debuted as the opening speaker at the TED2016 (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a nerdy conference of some of the world’s smartest people.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Brainiac - a niche online dating site for smart singles suggests that the term "brainiac" should be used in the sense of having an open mind and a curiosity about the world.The common notion of a "brainiac" is someone that is very smart, but there are so many different ways of being smart and measuring it, so rather than the site administrator being the judge, let the members decide for themselves.I just wish that when I was doing online dating, I would have had the opportunity to meet more men like the ones on this site!


" - Dale Koppel, author of The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating.The site is just over one year old and currently has over 13,000 active members and membership is completely free.


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