Apple and backdating

If you want to see a movie that Apple executives like, don’t go see “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine,” the documentary that opens today.

“An inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend,” Apple’s Senior Vice President Eddy Cue tweeted back in March when the movie screened at South By Southwest.


Because the options were in-the-money when granted (i.e.There aren’t too many revelations on the legal front in the document. So I took the title of interim CEO and agreed to come back for 90 days to help recruit a full-time CEO.


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    If a man starts flirting with you in line at Starbucks, it isn’t because you look Being intelligent when it comes to men isn’t the about your comprehensive knowledge of nuclear physics or finance; it’s about a complete understanding of one subject, him.

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    But what became of the marriages of the guilty parties, whose secret infidelity was suddenly not-so-secret at all?

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