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I attended Nissen’s trial, and also, later that spring, that of John Lotter.In February, 1996, Lotter was sentenced to death, largely because of the testimony of Thomas Nissen, who presented himself as a reluctant accomplice to Lotter’s killer-in-chief; Lotter is now on death row at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.From ingenious art heists to ruthless con artists, American Greed takes an in-depth look at some of the most sensational and profitable crimes of our time.Investigating the intricacies of many high profile cases, this fascinating and shocking series explores the lengths people will go to for money and a life of luxury.According to Woman's Day, Chance is in a band called Rowdy P that sings about hitting his father with a baseball bat.'Hit my daddy with a baseball bat,' he reportedly sings.You will be on the edge of your seat as first-person accounts slowly unravel ...Through mesmerizing first-person accounts and dramatic recreations, ‘A Haunting’ delves into the true and horrific events that plague innocent people when spirits–determined to have a final say–invade their lives to inflict unimaginable horrors.

And now Woman's Day are reporting that the 18-year-old has a new girlfriend, Aria, who calls herself 'American Aphrodite' on social media.

The murder of newlywed Sherri Rasmussen went unsolved for 23 years, with the Los Angeles police assuming it was a burglary turned violent.

Then, one morning in 2009, when a detective opened the cold-case file, he got his first clue that the killer had been under their noses the entire time.

The publication reports she's 'causing grief' for the Crocodile Dundee star, 77.

The account is also littered with pictures and videos of herself and Chance, with the pair posing in a variety of social media filters in one short clip.

‘A Crime to Remember’ tells the stories of the most provocative, juicy real life murder cases of the 50s and 60s.



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