Alice dating agency poltava

Well, our girls look like Hollywood stars, don't they?

Did our Ukrainian and Russian brides capture your attention?

Click here to see the pictures of the ladies Genuine women - Since 1999 we have been investing in our own advertising campaign in Kharkov which attracts young and attractive Ukrainian women who are interested in serious relationship and are open to an idea of moving abroad.

We do not buy profiles of the ladies and we do not share them with any other agencies.

New profiles are added to dating catalogue frequently.

Our method of work is based on arranging personal tours allowing you to meet serious minded candidates for marriage.



Our team of professionals is always near and glad to help you!

If you are single and looking, if you are fed up with dishonest, unprofessional and "fishy" agencies - give us a try and you will see why our clients recommend "Mordinson" to their friends. It is a family owned and operated Ukrainian women and Russian women marriage agency and personalized Match Making service located in Kharkov/Ukraine.

All our female clients are single and attractive Ukrainian women from Kharkov (Kharkiv), a girl can only become a member after she personally comes to our marriage agency's office in Kharkov (you can see our office's entrance in the picture below).

By taking advantage of our powerful search engines you can find the best match for you among these strikingly beautiful Mariupol girls.


You are able to implement search in accordance to selected criteria and your personal requirements.All material was investigated and presented here to make your search clear.


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