Alcoholics anonymous no dating

Please Note: The list of AA Meetings in Ireland is CONFIDENTIAL for people needing to find AA and is not to be used as a mailing list either in or out of AA, or for any other purpose.

The locations indicated on the map are approximate only.



It offers emotional support, people you can relate to, a place to go to fill your time and feel connected to others, helps you reconnect with your morals and values which have most often been obliterated by drunkenness, helps break down denial, build a new social life that takes you away from the old places and friends, educates, provides structure and hope and gives people something to hang onto.

Within that website is a link to local meeting locations, times, and dates. If you share a computer, or the screen is in a location where others see or monitor (like a work computer), you may not feel comfortable accessing the information online.


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