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When confronted on this possibility by a reporter, Bentley halted.No more flags directing you to look at the uncanny pony made of bovine produced for the ear and designed to be heard, not read. What was remarkable about that was that Rick Perry in every other way was a rock-ribbed conservative, on every other issue. "Here's the thing, your last statement, though, "take a little breather."[SCATTERED APPLAUSE]You guys, could you just hold on. Are you suggesting that no more immigrants should be allowed to come to St. This would be the fourth mosque in town, but the location was pretty controversial. In fact, they said they could find a better place for it. Out of this organizing against the mosque, some people in this group decided to keep meeting. Of course, there were other ways for her to think about this incident at the mall. I saw him in person at a meeting in Aberdeen, South Dakota, which isn't far from the Minnesota border. Branstner says women will become second-class citizens, non-believers will be killed. But this is out of an annual budget of million. I was shopping at Kohl's and I received a text message, just as I was checking out. One guy told me the day after the stabbing he applied for a carry license. John Ellison Conlee, arrangements and musical direction for that song by Justin Levine. We strongly encourage you to listen to the audio, which includes emotion and emphasis that's not on the page. But because of that one issue, immigration, the equation flipped and the voters went with Romney over Perry. So immigration is this urgent, emotional issue for much of the Republican Party these days. The facts on the ground on this issue are not changing dramatically. The GOP just wrote "build a wall" into its platform. Carol says she was not involved in opposing the mosque. It was like after being in that room together and actually getting what they wanted, they realized, "oh, lots of us feel this way. Cloud Citizens for Reasonable Zoning morphed into another group-- Peace in St. And the residents in the area were feeling intimidated by the behavior. Can we see an audit of how much is being spent on these Somalis? Ron Branstner is where a lot of the members of the Peace in St. Basically, Central Minnesota becomes part of the caliphate. As for the nonprofits who settle refugees in Minnesota, they get ,025 per refugee from the State Department. In this hotel ballroom in Aberdeen, South Dakota, people aren't interested in a debate over the economics of immigration. The most memorable conversation I had was with this state rep Al Novstrup. Sharia is a really big talking point in pushing for a moratorium on refugees. Cloud, Dave Kleis, told me he heard that rumor about Dearborn so many times he finally picked up the phone and called a member of Dearborn city council-- the city is about 40% Arab American-- and double-checked. For those on the other side, unity rallies, press conferences, Somali leaders in the area running around, giving interview after our interview, saying that guy does not represent all Muslims. Our program was produced today by Susan Burton and Zoe Chace. Full audio: OK, so there is, of course, a seismic historic change going on right now in the Republican Party this year. Then come on back to me, because you'll be ready for a better way. And she heard about a place that gave her a better sense of why. He was drinking beers at a picnic table with the rest of the Minnesota delegation. He's scrupulously listing all the terrorist attacks committed by Muslims over the past 37 days. Congressman Emmer is like, what are you even talking about it? People in the group were noting all sorts of situations where suddenly they, white people, were in the minority. White kids were outnumbered by Somali kids in music class, four or five to one. Someone in the group described going by Schmidt Park and seeing 20 to 30 Somali boys on the basketball court, mothers and kids, and quote, "no white people." This person wrote, "the entire area looked and felt taken over. They have a right to find out how this works, because they just do. I heard this in Minnesota and South Dakota both, the same basic story. It looks homegrown and grassroots in a hotel ballroom with xeroxed handouts, but all the things Branstner talks about-- Sharia, multiple wives multiplying the demographic changes, the Muslim Brotherhood plan to take over the government-- there is a national movement of people repeating these things all over the country and they're all saying the same thing. Nationally, a major group pushing the same anti-Muslim talking points, it's called ACT for America. And for those who do, they just learned bad information. The guy who did it was Somali Muslim refugee American. These are good people in his party who came under the influence of bad information. I think nobody confronting this allowed it to grow past what people in St. And one of our producers, Zoe Chace, told me about this place where you can eavesdrop on a group of friends, idealistic Republican friends, as they fret and cope and argue about that change week after week. Zoe has been covering Donald Trump and the Republican Party for our show all year, and every week she listens to this podcast called Ricochet as soon as it goes up. I wish I could grab him by the lapels and tell him--I'll be there to pick up all the pieces. He's dodging the mic at first, but then he tells me this upsetting story. And this hate crime unfolded right in front of him. If someone's here legally, you don't get a say in whether they come into your city. It was eerie."They also found-- one gentleman found some Somali boys in his garage and going into neighbor's garages. So that's when they called a neighborhood discussion, from what I understand. And what I got from it is that people felt they had no say in this, that here this whole group of people from a different culture descends on the town and it's changed forever. When people see things that are not what they're used to, that's scary. It has local chapters in many states, kind of built off the Tea Party. Cloud recently morphed into an ACT for America chapter. ACT for America coordinates much of its work with this thinktank in DC, called the Center for Security Policy. She kneels and touches her head to the church floor. The next question, "Are Muslims allowed to be polygamous? " Jama, people call him an elder in the Somali community, he takes this question. She can win them back by giving them good information. It was a violent and awful act, this guy running around the mall with two knives, asking people if they're Muslim. And you have to let them vent, and you have to listen, and then figure out what to do. Cloud are comfortable with and people within the Republican small group are comfortable with. Depending on the context, men and women can experience social consequences if their act of infidelity becomes public.The form and extent of these consequences are often dependent on the gender of the unfaithful person.


Such covertly illegitimate children amount to about 1–2% of newborns in European populations.

But by God, he was going to saddle up that pony and ride it as far as it would go. Bentley faced a state press eager to capture the precise impression of the asshole he is after months of rumors about the affair.


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