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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reported that over 50 percent of survivors believed that the use of rape was a deliberate tactic used for the extermination of the Congolese people.

While females have been the primary victims of sexual violence, men and boys are also sexually assaulted.

During the same year, the Republic of Congo was China's sixth commercial partner in Africa and second in West and Central Africa.


Clearly golf is at the beginning in Estonia but the sport is starting to interest the nation.

The United Nations Security Council denounced the "cannibal rebels" and sent a peacekeeping force.

The uneasy peace across much of the country after five years of civil war is largely a myth.

Niitvälja golf course, located 30 kilometres southwest of Tallinn, is one of the best courses in the country and host venue for the Estonian Open.

However, the 18-hole Sea course at Estonian Golf & Country Club, which opened in 2005, raised the golfing bar in the Baltics, but the 2015 opening of Pärnu Bay Golf Links has certainly thrown the cat among the pigeons.Our Estonian golf course rankings were last updated in December 2015.



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